The above article is a short piece about the anticipated #1 NYT debut for non-fiction works for The Amateur, a book that provides sensational details about Barack Obama’s personal and political life. The work has not received much attention from the so called ‘mainstream press’ that includes the traditional network outlets. It has received coverage from conservative leaning internet news sources, as well as extensive coverage from Sean Hannity on his radio and television shows. Since Fox News is the most watched prime time cable network, and they covered the book, I think it is unfair to say it hasnt received some mainstream press coverage.

This work has not seen wide coverage outside of conservative circles, so its easy to say the book’s debut position is a great victory. It is a victory for the work and the author, but it is important to note that conservative radio hosts including Limbaugh, Savage and Hannity covered this book extensively. Right-leaning news outlets such as the drudge report covered the book extensively as well. Rounding out the coverage with fox news, and all interested conservative parties have received extensive coverage of the work.

None of this is to insult the work at all, I am tempted to read the book and I would not hesitate to believe the contents of the book. The most cited content at this time is the attempted payment that was offered to Rev. Wright for him to temporarily remove himself from the public eye. Though this may seem dirty, its politics and the stakes were very high. I think it speaks to a further culture of political corruption and ambition at all costs, the Chicago way.

Certainly all consumers of this work will not be conservatives and will not be sympathetic to the authors perceived cause or agenda. I think much of the interest in the book stems from the fact that many Americans feel that we really just dont know who President Obama really is. He’s such a true and total politician that it is easy to get a sense that his public persona is almost entirely staged and planned. Though most presidents do stage public appearances heavily, I vividly remember the warmth, charisma and all around humanity of both G.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

The recent news that Obama was publicly and professionally known to be born in Kenya until 2006 further supports the idea that Obama is a calculating politician, he does what it takes to elevate himself personally and professionally. I don’t fault his ambition, but I find fault with his dishonesty.